Hannah McMahon

Board member

Hannah McMahon attended Kenyon College, Columbus State Community College and the University of Cincinnati.

Ms. McMahon currently serves as a Program Director at Universal Gymnasts, Inc., September 2015-Present, organizing and managing special events, specializing in effective communication with staff and clients. Manages a small group of staff-members in two special programs, charged with writing lesson plans, coaching and overseeing communications. Both programs require detailed field work and administrative work.

Ms. McMahon served as an Administrative Manager with The Callender Law Firm, March 2015-April 2017, organizing and uploading files databases, keeping specific records on clientele organized, organizing training, establishing and maintaining professional relationships with our clientele, communications, and event coordinating.

Ms. McMahon also formerly served as a Behavior Health Specialist/Intern, February 2014-February 2015, collecting data on successful rehabilitation rates in Columbus's prison systems, distributing competency evaluations and Alcohol or Drug Assessments where the data would be later interpreted and reported to better assist the judiciary system.